Laura Schaefer, age 36, died in her sleep of unknown causes on Wednesday, November 21, 2007. She is survived by her husband, Larry Malsky, and her children, Kaitlyn and Megan Malsky, ages 4 and 3. Some of us were lucky enough to have known Laura in person, but she has also touched the lives of a many, many people on the internet. Words cannot describe our feelings of loss.


Her family needs help to get through these difficult times. If you want to give money to a trust fund for the kids, Kaitlyn and Megan, you can make a secure donation through Paypal here:

Being a single parent is very hard. Even a small donation can make a big difference. If you have any questions, please contact Ken Malsky (Larry’s brother) by phone at 781-608-9761 or by e-mail at

Volunteering & Remembrances

Laura Schaefer's circle of friends and family is extraordinary. Larry, Kaitlyn and Megan need help following her death. The "Lotsa Helping Hands" web site offers an answer to the question, "How can I help?" Follow the link below to sign up.

As needs arise, they will be posted as "activities" in the calendar. We welcome volunteers to help out by signing up for any open listed activities. Each items has a description of exactly what needs to be done.

This site also has an area where people can write about their memories of Laura. As Kaitlyn and Megan grow, the small bits we leave behind will be the only way they can get to know their wonderful, beautiful mom. There will be heartbreaks, school, college, marriage and babes of their own, but all they will have of their mom is what we leave behind. Please take the time now to share your experiences to enrich the girls' lives forever.

We would all like to see Kaitlyn and Megan's routine continue as much as is possible under the circumstances. If you or your children have been participating in a regularly scheduled event with the girls, please check to see if the event is shown correctly on the calendar. If not, please email one of the LHH administrators so that we can make appropriate arrangements.